Learn Some Sporting Idioms

Do you know what the following expressions mean?

to touch base
to throw someone a curve ball
a sticky wicket
saved by the bell
to hit below the belt
a level playing field
a ballpark figure
to throw in the towel
a hat-trick
to move the goalposts

Before studying the flashcards below, why not head off to Google and do some research for yourself? Do these expressions have equivalents in your language?

Closed Questions – Short Answers

A closed question is a question that can only be answered by ‘yes’ or ‘no’. English speakers tend to use short answers that use only the auxiliary and not the main verb (unless the main verb is ‘be’).

“Do you want to go?” — Yes I do (NOT yes I want)

Use the flashcards to practise giving short answers. Do them several times until they become spontaneous and natural:

E-mail : starting and ending

écrire des mails en anglais


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