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Word of the Day: Grow Up

Word of the day: grow up

the process of getting bigger until you become an adult

“My children have all grown up and left home”

“Stop acting like a child – why don’t you grow up for once?”

The verb ‘to grow’ has several meanings, all connected to increasing size but be careful not to use the preposition ‘up’ in these examples:

“Sales grew by thirty percent year” (Not “grew up”)

“I grow tomatoes on my balcony” (=I plant them and help them grow)

Word of the Day: Go On

Word of the day: to go on

1. To continue doing something, keep talking:
“Go on, I want to know the whole story!”

2: To happen:

“What’s going on here?” – (Qu’est-ce qui se passe ici?)

3: What you say to incite someone to do something if you think they are hesitating:

“Go on! I know you want that last piece of cake, so take it!”

Word of the Day: Drop Off

Word of the Day: drop off
1. To take something or someone to another place and leave them there:

“Don’t take the bus, I’ll drop you off at the station (in my car)”

“I’ve got the file, James dropped it off this morning”

2. To decrease significantly:

“Sales of iPhones have dropped off this year as Apple struggles to find new innovations.”

3. To fall asleep:

“The meeting was so boring I nearly dropped off.”

Word of the Day: Call Off

1. To cancel or postpone something (an event, an appointment etc)

“I’m annoyed because I worked all night to prepare for the meeting and my boss has just called it off”

“The football match was called off because of bad weather”

2. To restrain or give orders to return
“Call off your dogs before they hurt someone”

Search the BBC for examples of ‘call off’

Word of the Day: Egg On

If you egg someone on, you are inciting or encouraging them to do something that usually isn’t good.

“I didn’t want to do it, but my friends were egging me on and said I was too scared.”
“Stop egging on your brother to do stupid things, you’re the one who will get into trouble.”

“to egg” (without the preposition) means to throw an egg at someone, usually a politician, to protest against their politics or behaviour:

“The prime minister was egged by an angry protester during his visit to the factory.”