EF cours d’anglais debutants 07 – la météo


cool : frais
cooler : plus frais
weather forecast: prévisions météos
cloudy : nuageux
overcast : (ciel) couvert
rain : la pluie
rainy : pluvieux, humide
shower : averse
partly cloudy : (partiellement couvert, lit) temps variable

Ecoutez bien le dialogue pour les contractions utilisées, ce n’est pas toujours évident de comprendre des natifs:

wanna : want to (vouloir)
gonna : going to (aller – pour parler d’un évenement planifié – je vais faire=I’m &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp going to do, I’m gonna do)

We’re gonna have a great time : On va s’éclater!


Jessica: hi Adam
Adam: hey how are you doing, are you getting ready for your visit – it’s
gonna be great. I’m really looking forward to showing you around
Shanghai – it’s so exciting.
Jessica: Great, me too. Actually that’s why I’m calling. What do you think the
weather is going to be like next week, this afternoon I’m just gonna do
some packing.
Adam: Well it’s gonna be cooler than Los Angeles, and will surely be rainier.
in fact, according to the local weather forecast it’s gonna be
partly cloudy and rainy this week, and then even rainier next week.
Jessica: Really? Is it the rainy season there now?
Adam: Well it’s not really the rainy season yet, but we had some severe
weather last month, we had showers every week and this month it’s
gonna be even rainier.
Jessica: so I should definitely bring my umbrella.
Adam: yes, you might wanna bring a jacket too, it’s a little bit cooler
than Los Angeles, it’ll be about fifteen degrees when you get here and
it migh dip down to around ten degrees at night.
Jessica: Ten degrees! I thought you lived in shanghai, not in Siberia!
Adam: Sorry, I mean ten degrees celsius, let’s see, that’s about 48 degrees
Jessica: Oh good that’s more like it, that’s much cooler than Los Angeles but
not too severe.
Adam: Anyway, we’re gonna have a great time.


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