Funny Video: Windows XP on a 1980’s computer

This funny video (not real, of course) gives me lots of opportunities to practice ‘used to’ in English.
So talking about computers when I was a teenager:

I used to have a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer.

We used to use cassette tapes to install programs

Some of my friends used to copy manually computer programs that were printed in magazines.

I used to know how to program in Basic, but now I’ve forgotten everything.

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  1. I try to learn English but it is not easy! I learned english for 27 years ago in high school.
    When i was younger i playded in a Sinclair ZX spectrum Computer too! Yes my brother was a student in Shefield and in the summer he camed back to home, he offered us the computer with cassettes of play it was very funny. we playeded until 4:pm.
    I was leaving in Algeria in 1988

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