Get a degree in Beatles Studies


The fab four: surnom pour les Beatles
A crash course: une formation rapide
Master of Arts(MA): Normallement, bac+5. Ce diplôme doit être pour ceux qui ont déjà ce niveau.
To have something ‘under your belt’: an achievement, success. Quand on a réussi à obtenir quelque chose on peut dire, “I’ve got it under my belt’


Beatles fans can be found just about everywhere, across the globe and now those fans can get a crash course into the fab four.

Liverpool hope university is offering a master of arts degree in Beatles study, and popular music in society. So far, twenty people have signed up for the class, learning everything from Abbey Road to the Beatles’ first trip to America.

“I’m gonna have a totally different perspective now in delivering that first-hand knowledge of what it was like to be here and live here and experience the people, the culture and the music scene, so I know I’m
going to be a way better teacher for having this particular MA under my belt.”

the class lasts twelve weeks, students can take it either on a full-time or part-time basis. Professors say that while the course will focus on the Beatles,the course will also offer insights into popular music in general
and its effect on society back in the sixties.

“It’s made up of a variety of people who understand their position with regards to future employment and self-employment of course, because in the music game, self-employment is a reality.”

The course is offered in Liverpool, of course, the birthplace of the Beatles. And the cost? Just under six thousand dollars.


  1. I am delighted to find you again after al this time.How is your life in your new area and where is it accuratly? I live in Montpellier and I know quite welle the whest south. I like it a lot too.
    Have a good life there!
    Amazing news! The Beattles as a topic of study at the university! Why not? It’s real they are a social phenomenon and good singers.

    • thanks for your comment Helen, I’d love to spend my time studying the Beatles! We’ve moved to a small town call Salies de Béarn – it’s near Orthez and between Bayonne and Pau.

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