History of the Beatles

The Beatles were a British pop/rock group that was formed around 1960 in Liverpool, England. The group’s original name was the Quarrymen. At the end of the nineteen fifties, a type of music called Skiffle was popular in Britain. Skiffle was a mix of trad jazz and blues that often used primitive instruments like washboards. The Quarrymen were a Skiffle group, which eventually turned to playing the new rock and roll sounds that were being imported from the United States.

The name ‘the Beatles’ began as ‘the Beetles’ – a reference to one of the group’s early influences, Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The spelling change combines the insect ‘beetle’ with the word ‘beat’ (tempo, fr).

The Beatles spent a lot of time playing in clubs in Hamburg, Germany, before returning to England to sign a record contract with EMI in 1962. The group’s first single, ‘Love Me Do’ was released in October 1962 and was only moderately successful, reaching number 17 in the UK singles charts. However, the Beatle’s popularity was about to explode, making them the most successful rock group ever, and still hugely popular fifty years after their formation, and forty years after their break-up.

The Beatles recorded the following albums

Please Please Me (1963)

With The Beatles (1963)

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

Beatles for Sale (1964)

Help! (1965)

Rubber Soul (1965)

Revolver (1966)

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

The Beatles (aka White Album) (1968)

Yellow Submarine (1969)

Abbey Road (1969)

Let It Be (1970)

The group split up mainly because of artistic differences Lennon was highly critical of McCartney’s input, calling his songs ‘Granny Music’. They all went on to record solo material, with varying degrees of success.
John Lennon was assassinated in 1980. George Harrison died of cancer in 2001.


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  2. The Beatles are still present on the scene of pop music being played all over the world, generation after generation!

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