The Berlin Wall

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Today (9th November 2009) is the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The wall was constructed in the early 1960s and was intended to stop mass emmigration to the west from East Germany, especially young, skilled workers and scientists (the ‘brain drain’).

Important events that led to the fall of the Berlin wall:

  • Trade union movement, Solidarity, in Poland in the early 1980s
  • A move towards more openness in Soviet Russia under Gorbachov
  • A speech by Ronald Reagan challenging the East to tear the wall down
  • The decision by Hungary to open its borders to Austria, allowing thousands of East Germans on holiday to flee to Austria. When Hungary then started to prevent East Germans from leaving, massive demonstrations started calling for more freedom of movement.

The current German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is herself a former East German, and has thus become a symbol of the successful reunification.

I’m sure though, that there must be some people who regret the end of the Soviet block. As with any social change, there are always winners and losers. The communist system guaranteed everyone a job and accomodation. For some, it have been a good thing that it wasn’t possible for some people to make fortunes while others struggle to survive, as is the case in our western democracies.

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  1. Thanks for you Mr Janathan and for your team.
    I think its importente to write more on berlin wall dimolution
    and also its edeal occasion for the jouth generation to know
    what hapned at the time, at the time there are some winners and
    losers but i think that great for the hapinness and for civilisation.

  2. First of all,i want to express my happiness to be with you and to write for the first time .
    Mr JONATHAN thanck you for all the lessons and the big effort you use .
    I hope that my next writing will be as good as possible.
    By the otherside , the anniversary of the berlin wall is an ideal occasion for all the youth people of the world to learn the history…. thancks

  3. The fall of Berlin wall is the beginning of peace in the world . We are in peace when there will not be wars .

  4. i think its good to break that wall but there are other invisible walls which should be broken like racism segregation and hateress betwee people all over the world to spread peace in our world

    • houria.rami,

      thanks for the comment – I completely agree with you! ‘hatred’ is the English word for ‘la haine’

  5. to Jonathan “profanglais” :

    I knew the Irish division but I ignored that there is a wall separating people in Belfast ! That what I would appreciate to know in this occasion.
    Yes, thank you for inviting us to think about different topics.

    to Chantal
    ” Petit Prince” is right but raising the questions is just a matter of honesty and it’s been the job of the media so far….i guess….

    best wishes

  6. Sooner or later, the fall of the Berlin Wall would have been done. It’s an historical event that shows the whole world that true democraty may rule on earth through the fear of the Amighty. Bless you!

  7. “Rien n’est parfait” dit le Petit Prince …..
    Merci pour votre invitation à la réflexion.

  8. The fall of the Berlin Wall is an event that we can’t stop. That the will of Jesus Christ, the Sovereign Lord.
    The German people are one and any people can’t divide them. One day, the Corean people will be one. That ‘s the will of Jesus .

  9. Hello Jonathan,

    For sure, the fall of the Berlin Wall is a strong symbol of the History. Personnally, I remenber this time 20 years ago because , this day I was at school and our teacher of history explained us what was going on and even if we couldn’t understand the meaning of this event, we were as pupils very intrigated and awared that something important was happening. However, I think that we’ve been doing too much with this event. I would rather consider all the walls that should not exist in all over the world….today.
    I would appreciate that medias focus on both this event and on the others walls which separate people and spoil their lives, today ! For me, that would be a way to remenber and to say that there is nothing to be happy with till other human being are suffering in the same way.

    well, that is my point of view and i thank you for inviting us to leave our comments and above all thank you for your website, I appreciate it.

    • Estrella,
      Excellent comment! Yes there are still many walls that divide people, including in my own country, Britain. In Belfast, Catholics and Protestants are separated by a wall that sometimes runs down the middle of a street! Hard to believe possible in Europe today…

  10. Thinks you Lewis, whith your article I learn a lot thing to the fall of the Berlin Wall. At this moment I know the reasons of is falling.

    Have a nice day Jonathan!

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