Today in History: October 15

October 15, 1946. In Neurenburg, Germany, former Nazi airforce chief Hermann Goering commits suicide behind bars. Goering takes poison just hours before his scheduled execution as a convicted war
criminal for his role during world war two.

1917: During world war one, a French firing squad outside Paris executes the Dutch dancer Mata Hari, convicted of spying for the Germans.

1964: A changing of the guard at the Kremlin as it’s announced that Nikita Krushchev has been removed as leader of what’s then the Soviet Union. Aleksei Kosygin becomes the new soviet premier, while Leonid Brezhnev replaces Krushchev as communist party chief.

and 1951: “I Love Lucy”, classic TV sitcom (=situation comedy) starring Lucille and Desi Arnes premiers on CBS.

Today in History, October 15.

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