Today in History – October 19th

It’s ironic to note that the British were defeated in a state called ‘Virginia’. This state was named in honour of
Queen Elizabeth the first – the ‘virgin queen’.

The decisive victory in the revolutionary war. British troops under Lord
Cornwallis surrender to American and French forces at the battle of York town
in Virginia. In a peace treaty a few years later Britain officially
recognises the independence of its former colonies, the United States.


A stock market crash on Wall Street. The Dow Jones plunges 508 points or 22.6
percent in value, that’s the second biggest one-day drop for the Dow ever.


French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte began a disastrous retreat from Moscow.
Tens of thousands of troops die from hunger, cold and Russian attacks during the
retreat as winter arrives early.

and 1977.

The supersonic Concorde makes its first landing in New York City.

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