Water on the Moon?

My question is, why is NASA so interested in finding water on the moon? What good is it to the nearly seven billion people here on Earth that are running out of water?

Talk about your Moon shot. NASA is in the final stages of
preparation for firing projectiles into the moon’s surface.
The goal of the LCROSS mission is to impact the saviour’s crater
near the moon’s south pole

“We have LCROSS mounted at the top of the centaur vehicle,
which is now spent and depleted. When it impacts the moon,
our spacecraft will be detached and will be watching the impact
and looking for signs of water.”

The projectile is expected to eject material from the crater’s surface
and create a plume that instruments on the orbiting satellite will
be able to analyse.

Three different space probes have recently found the chemical signature
of water all over the moon’s surface. The date collected from
the LCROSS impact will build on that information and help determine
if extracting water from the surface will be feasible in future
lunar missions. The impact is scheduled for October ninth, at four-thirty AM Pacicific time.