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Drilling: Positive/Negative – present simple

Drilling is the word we used to describe repetitive grammar practice. Use the flashcards below to practice forming the opposite of each sentence- if it’s positive, change it to negative and vice versa. You can also change the sides of the flashcards in the “options” setting.

Football Wordsearch – answer key


Quick Quiz 1: Time Prepositions

Choose the correct preposition!

Word of the Day: Sort Out

Word of the day: sort out

To organise so things are orderly:

“I need to sort out all these papers on my desk”

To find a solution to a problem:

“I sorted out the problem with the late deliveries.”

Word of the Day: Grow Up

Word of the day: grow up

the process of getting bigger until you become an adult

“My children have all grown up and left home”

“Stop acting like a child – why don’t you grow up for once?”

The verb ‘to grow’ has several meanings, all connected to increasing size but be careful not to use the preposition ‘up’ in these examples:

“Sales grew by thirty percent year” (Not “grew up”)

“I grow tomatoes on my balcony” (=I plant them and help them grow)