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By the way…

English speakers use ‘by the way’ a lot in their conversations to indicate that they are changing the subject of a conversation or adding supplementary information to the same conversation. Let’s look at some examples:

Jane: did you ask July to come on Saturday night?
Marianne: yes I did. By the way, did you know she’s got a new boyfriend?

Jack: Have you seen my telephone? I can’t find it anywhere
Jim: Sorry, I haven’t. By the way, Brian said he was going to call you.

Julie: Anyway, she left without saying anything, so I suppose she wasn’t happy.
Lynette: Really? By the way, did you see Game of Thrones last night? It was shocking!

Expression: To Learn By Heart

If you learn something by heart, you have memorized it so that you can repeat it quickly and easily.

When studying a language it’s a good idea to learn a lot of sentences and expressions by heart.

My son won a prize for being the first to learn his times tables by heart

My dad just loves Shakespeare, in fact, he has learned quite a few speeches by heart

Five Idioms with “Hat”

1. At the drop of a hat
2. Hold on to your hat
3. Hats off to / I take my hat off to
4. Keep it under your hat
5. to wear many hats

Idioms in English – ‘All’

In this video you will learn about some idioms (expressions) with the word “all”.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

I’m all ears

All in your head

All in a day’s work

All hell broke loose

All over the map

All eyes were on me

Expression: practice what you preach.

Expression: practice what you preach. This means not being a hypocrite, actually doing what you say you believe in.


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