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Watch BBC Flatmates : episode 18

It’s a quiet night for Alice at work. Suddenly she’s faced with an emergency. How will she cope? Find out in episode 18 Emergency from BBC Learning English.

Mouth to mouth (resuscitation) : bouche à bouche

Watch BBC Flatmates : episode 17

Michal books tickets for his upcoming date with Helen in episode 17 – Booking tickets – from BBC Learning English.

Practise saying these dates, they are difficult to distinguish:

Tuesday the first
Thursday the third

Listen to the man on the phone and carefully repeat.

Watch BBC Flatmates: episode 16

Michal is talking about his romantic troubles. What advice for broken-heated Michal can Helen offer? Find out in episode 16 – A kitchen romance from BBC Learning English.

‘plenty more fish in the sea’ : un de perdu, dix de retrouvés!

Watch BBC Flatmates : episode 15

It’s a quiet night for Alice at the hospital. She phones Helen for a chat. Find out what they’re talking about in episode 15 – A heart-to-heart – from BBC Learning English.

Watch BBC flatmates : episode 14

Tim is working in the department store when a customer drops something. Find out what, in episode 14 – Tim strikes it rich – from BBC Learning English.

proverb: ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ : un idiot et son argent sont vite séparés!

to wrap : emballer
wrapping paper: papier cadeau