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Business Collocations

It is important not only to learn vocabaulary but also to understand which words are commonly used together. We call this collocation. For example we say “to drive a car, a bus a taxi” etc but we do not say “to drive a bicycle”. The verb that collocates with bicycle is “ride”.

Use the flashcards to learn so common business collocations. If you don’t understand any of the words, type the complete phrase in Google and have a look at the results. You will understand more easily when you see the words in context.

How to use GET part 2

In this second video you will see that “get” can be used to replace the verbs “receive” “buy” and “arrive”.

How to Use GET – Part One

The first part in a series of videos on how to use “get”. This small but very important verb is used in so many different ways that it can be confusing for learners of English. However, to speak fluently you must be able to use “get”. It doesn’t sound natural if you only use Latinate words like “obtain”, “purchase” “receive” or “arrive”. Native speakers substitute “get” for all of these words as you will discover in these videos.

Daily Vocab 2

What’s the word for:

1. one of the two people that made you

2. A big house were someone royal might live

3. When you are not panicking and not worried you are …

4. A round container for liquids like beer or oil, can be made of wood or metal

5. A feeling that can be positive or negative – what you feel when you have done something special or if you feel you are better than others

Can you find the words in the grid? Solutions are below







  1. parent
  2. palace
  3. calm
  4. Barrel
  5. pride





Solution to wordsearch:





Comment traduire ‘prevenir’ en anglais?

Attention, ce n’est pas toujours ‘to prevent’ en anglais. C’est un verbe qui a pas mal de faux amis!