90 minutes of my life lost, can I get a refund?

Well there you go, a fantastic 0-0 draw between England and Algeria. I hope that England will go out of the competition and that an African nation will the cup for the first time.

Now for a quick calculation: If Wayne Rooney gets paid £100,000 per month and John Terry gets £160,000 per month, the others probably get at least £50,000. So if on average the eleven players on the pitch earn £70000, that makes a total of 770,000 per month, £24,838 per day, just over a thousand pounds per hour. So during the ninety minutes I watched the match, the eleven players collected £1500 in salaries from their clubs. As the match was a complete waste of my time, do you think I could get a little financial compensation for the disappointment?


    • Jonathan,

      Absolutely right, thank you for spotting my mistake. The missing word was, of course, ‘get’.

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