Australia Quiz (QCM)

Test your knowledge of Australia with the following quiz. Have fun, and hope you learn something interesting!

This is a picture of an Australian musical instrument. It's just a piece of wood that has been hollowed out by termites to make a tube. What is it called?

What is the capital of Australia?

Sydney is famous for two very distinctive landmarks. what are they?

This sandstone monolith used to be called 'Ayers Rock', but its aboriginal name is now more commonly used. what is it?

What is the currency of Australia?

Who is the official head of state of Australia?

What is a common nickname for Australia?

'Billabong' may be famous today as a surf brand, but what does this Aboriginal word mean?

What's the name of a popular beach in Sydney, famous for surfing?

Most of the white Australians live near the coast, as inland is desert. What do the locals call this vast area of arid land in the middle of the country?

What's the nickname for the Australian Rugby team?

Australia makes a lot of soap operas, usually of poor quality. Several Australians have, however, used these TV programmes to launch their careers. which of the following did NOT appear in a terrible soap called 'Neighbours'?

In which film, made in Australia, did the Aussie Mel Gibson, make his début?

The largest structure made by living organisms in the world is situated in the ocean off the north-east coast of Australia. What is it?

A song that is being used to highlight environmental problems is called 'how can we sleep (while our beds are burning)? Which Australian group wrote and recorded it in the 1980's?

Australians and New Zealanders celebrate 'ANZAC day' every April. It commemorates the massacre of Australian and New Zealand soldiers by the Turks during world war one, a tactical error that Winston Churchill was largely responsible for. What is the name of the place where the battle took place?

What folk song has become the unofficial national anthem (hymn nationale)?

In aborigine culture, young men were required to leave the tribe to live on their own as part of their initiation into adulthood. The word they used (in English) is now used by Australians for 'a period of absence' or 'leaving without telling anyone where you're going'. What's the word?



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