Business English word of the day: Overtime

overtime : heures supplémentaires

You can say ‘to do overtime’ or ‘to work overtime’


“I won’t be home till late tonight, I have to do overtime”

“It’s a great job, nine to five and no overtime!”

“Work more to earn more is a good idea in principle, but if your employer won’t give you overtime, it’s not possible.”

Related terms:

part-time : temps partiel
half-time : mi-temps

double time : salaire double (quand on travaille le dimanche ou un jour férié, par exemple)
time and a half : salaire + 50%

“I don’t mind working on Saturdays because I get time and a half”

“Double time and time a half have become things of the past, as many employers only give 7-day contracts, with no obligation to pay more on the weekend or bank holidays”