Business English word of the day: Point of Sale (POS)

point of sale : the place where a sales transaction takes place

Related terms:
EPOS : electronic point of sale. This refers to the technology used to process the transaction, including controlling stock. Each time a product’s bar code is scanned, the information is used to show the sale price and send information to the distribution centre, telling it to replenish stock.

POS displays. Some products are displayed right in front of the sales desk or checkout in order to make the customer make a last-minute, impulse purchase. For example, the customer has one or two people in front of him and knows that he will have to wait a few minutes, so the store cleverly puts some magazines and sweets, enticing the customer to take them, and put them in his basket.

Chip and Pin : This is what we call payment cards that have a microchip so that the customer needs to enter his personal identification number (PIN). France had this technology many years before it was introduced in the UK, but now most British shops are equipped to take chip and pin cards.

Checkout: the place in a supermarket where the customer pays.

Cash desk: the place in a big store where the customer pays.