Business English word of the day: sale – sales

sale : vente
the sales : les soldes
on sale : en vente / en soldes
The related verb is “to sell


Sales for last year were up by 10% (ventes)
The sales are starting on Tuesday, I’m gonna look for some bargains(soldes)
I bought this shirt for 10€ – it was on sale (soldée)
The house has been on sale for 6 months (en vente)

Many French speakers have difficulty making the difference between the vowel sound [ei] in ‘sale’ and the vowel sound [e] in ‘sell’. This can cause problems in understanding, for example ‘seller’ is ‘vendeur’ in the sense of someone having something to sell (non pas ‘vendeur’ dans le sens de ‘commercial’). If you pronounce the word with [ei] instead of [e] you get ‘sailor’ which is ‘marin’ in French!