comment dire l’heure

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  1. profanglais Post author


    two minutes past midnight (or twelve)
    three minutes to (or before) midnight

    One minute past midday (or twelve)
    One minute to (or before) midday

    Most English speakers, however, would simply say:

    “it’s just after midnight”

    “it’s nearly midnight” etc

  2. Lens49

    Bonjour, comment écris ton il est :

    minuit et 2 minutes en anglais ?

    minuit moins 3 minutes ?

    Midi et 1 minute ?

    Midi moins 1 minute ?

    Merci à vous pour votre aide, Lens49

  3. Stephany

    Hi Jonathan,

    For sure I prefer the second one, very easy but sometimes, I can visit a country where they are using the first example. So i guess it’s very important to learn all those way to read hour.


  4. fides

    hi i want to speak englih very well but the i don’t no the meaning of many words in english please help me

  5. profanglais Post author


    What time is it?
    Could you tell me the time?
    Could you give me the time?
    Have you got the time?
    Do you have the time?

    That’s all I can think of!

  6. profanglais Post author

    Hello Caty,

    You probably left your name because you arrived at this page and found nothing to see!
    I’m working on the site at the moment, and a lot of the videos and sound files won’t be displayed.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve just put back the time video.

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