comparative forms of adverbs

Thanks to Nadia of Boumerdes for this question.

What’s the difference between an adjective and an adverb? The simplest answer is to say that an adjective describes a noun, while an adverb describes a verb.

ex 1. A slow truck – adjective(slow) + noun.

ex2. The truck was moving slowly – noun + verb + adverb(slowly)

We can compare two things using either adjectives or adverbs:

ex .1 Truck A is slower than truck B

ex 2. Truck A is moving more slowly than truck B

The same principle applies to the irregular forms, and is the same for both adjective and adverb:

good/well – better, bad/badly – worse

ex 1. He speaks good English.
ex2. He speaks English very well.


ex 1. John’s English is better than Peter’s.

ex 2. Jane speaks English better than John.


  1. say me the english’s teacher can i know if you are french person or british person ? tell me i want know if i can ask you kestion about the teacher ‘s profession ? in France and in Great Bretain we haven’t the same way and i want know if your french or british because i would like to be an english’s teacher like you dear man and i am french woman ( i am 17 years ago ) 🙂

    • Texy,

      I’m British, born in England, largely of Irish stock! If you want to teach English, I would recommend studying in an English-speaking country so that your level is approaching that of a native speaker.

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