Contractions, Abbreviations, Elon Musk

Sometimes, we shorten or combine words by creating contractions. To make a contraction, we remove a letter or letters from a word and replace the letter(s) with an apostrophe (‘). For example, when Gary uses the contraction he’s, he is shortening the phrases he is and he has. Gary could have said, “So, I guess he is a visionary. He has got the kinds of futuristic ideas in his mind that we all wish we had. He is kind of living a sci-fi dream.”

Some other common contractions include: aren’t for are not, can’t for can not, he’ll for he will, and won’t for will not.

We also use abbreviations to shorten words in English. This is especially common with titles. For example, we shorten the title Doctor to Dr. To show that two people are married, they use the titles Mr. and Mrs. For example, “I’d like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ford.” All military titles are abbreviated, such as Capt. for Captain or Sgt. for Sergeant.

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