Crash and grab

Jonathan’s comment on the report:
This kind of crime is nothing new. In Britain we call it ‘ram-raiding’ not ‘crash and grab’, although the American term is pretty good. The video gives you a good opportunity to enrich your vocabulary as several similar words are used:

Burglary: cambriolage
Burglar: cambrioleur
To steal: voler
Thief : voleur
To rob: voler (braquer)
robber: voleur/braqueur

a safe: coffre fort

Police in Indianapolis are calling it ‘crash and grab’ burglaries. The most recent was at this Pizza restaurant. First, there’s the crash, not once, but twice, and then there’s the grab – criminals drive through the store then take off with cash and safes. Police say there have been three and possibly four crash and grab burglaries in the past nine days. At this restaurant three men took off with the safe, all within about a minute and a half.

“When the police officer called me, he said, ‘the front door is wide open, your business is broken’ – I was like,
OK, so they’re robbers, but I didn’t expect that much damage. They just broke the safe with the vehicle, you know, see the ground(ed) bolt is still there.”

Police say the thieves are using stolen vehicles.

“Most of these happen in the middle of the night, and uh, they just go out, go after safes, and uh, they’ll get caught here.”

Authorities say they have already recovered a few of the stolen safes; they’re asking the public for any information about the burglaries.


    • Ivah,
      Non, je ne peux pas le traduire, faute de temps! Les vidéos d’actualités sont plutôt pour ceux qui ont déjà un niveau intermédiaire ou avancé.
      Vous pouvez en profiter, néanmoins, en regardant le texte écrit, en trouvant les mots qui sont proches à des mots français et en répétant la prononciation de ces mots en anglais. voila mon conseil pour vous. Vous êtes sûr d’améliorer votre vocabulaire ainsi.

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