Débutants: salutations


  1. merçi pour votre site.c’est vraiment genereux de votre part.grace à vous,des gens comme moi apprendrons l’anglais sans se compliquer la vie.merçi JONATHAN’s.

  2. hello!teacher how are .i would like to speak english but i difficult to speak please help me teacher good night.

  3. hello jonathan LEWIS,

    I would like to learn english,but je ne sais par quoi commencer en premier.

    Thank and bye

  4. Hello jonathan

    How are you ?

    What’s news to day ?

    Who city are you from ? I’m at MADAGASCAR – the town is ANTANANARIVO

    Have a nice day

    see you soon

    bye ! bye

  5. Hello,
    Thanks a lot Jonathan for this video.
    Through it we can understand the meaning of the useful greetings.
    What’s new?

  6. Hello,

    Thanks a lot Jonathan. It’ s very useful for me to listen to a video in English to practice my understanding. “hear” you soon!

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