Drive, Ride, Fly

This is about collocation, that is words that link together strongly to form common structures.

You may know that one drives a car, but rides a bicycle.

What other words collocate with “drive”?

a car, a bus, a taxi, a train, a truck

Expressions : to drive someone mad, to drive someone up the wall (rendre fou/en colère)

What about “ride”

a bicycle, a motorbike, a horse,elephant,camel, a skateboard, a surfboard

You can ride a bus, a train, in a car, etc, if you are a passenger

“Fly” has some interesting possibilities:

a plane, a helicopter (comme “piloter”)

a kite (cerf-volant)

a flag (drapeau)

Don’t be surprised to see other, more imaginative variations on the above. In language, nothing is impossible – only some things are more common than others