ESL Conversation Questions: Do you have a pet?

Chapter 19, questions 1 and 2:

Do you have a pet?
Which animals do you think make the best pets: Cats or dogs?

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Hey Tyler, do you have a pet?

Sure do. I’ve got a dog. A Doberman. What about you?

I’ve got two cats, Tibbles and Fluffy. Which animals do you think make the best pets? Cats? Or dogs?

Dogs, obviously. I wouldn’t have one if I didn’t think that dogs were better than cats.

Yeah, of course. But dogs are dirty and smelly and they crap and pee everywhere. Cats are clean and always smell nice. I’d hate to have to scoop the poop every day.

Responsible dog owners clean up after their dogs, that’s true, and it’s not that pleasant. But dogs are much more fun, you can play with them and train them to do tricks.

You’re right. I just don’t like the fact that dogs demand a lot of time and energy. Cats are independent, and I like that. I don’t want to have an animal that follows me everywhere I go.

I don’t agree. It’s great to have a companion. They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and it’s true. They are loyal, never take offence, accept you for who you are. Not like humans!

Problems with the girlfriend again?

You could say that.

At least you’ve got your dog to talk to.

Yeah. He’s more sympathetic than the girlfriend!