Good example of bad journalism

Poor journalism in this report about the Airbus crash. A journalist’s job is to report facts, not make insinuations. This crash has no link with the Rio-Paris flight, but referring to it in the same report makes Airbus planes seem unsafe, and seems to be propanganda in favour of Airbus’s American rival, Boeing.

A Yemeni airways jet carrying one hundred fifty-three people has crashed into the Indian Ocean near a
group of islands off the coast of Africa. A police official says a young child has been rescued alive.

The Airbus 310 (three-ten) jet took off from this airport in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a on an eighteen
hundred mile flight to the Comoros Islands which sit between the African continent and Madagascar.

It was approaching the airport in the city of moroni when the plane apparently plunged into the ocean.

Officials say debris and bodies have been spotted several miles from the islands. A Comoros police official says at least one passenger, a toddler, has been rescued.

Many of the passengers were returning from a trip from Paris.
This is the second Airbus crash in a month. Two hundred twenty-eight people died when an Airfrance Airbus 330 (three-thirty) crashed into the Atlantic after leaving Rio de Janeiro on a flight bound for Paris.