News: Boy band singer dies

The former Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern was famous for keeping his Irish accent, not trying to change it to something more ‘statesmanlike’. Listen to the way he says, ‘thirty-three’ – if you have difficulties pronouncing the ‘th’ sound in English, you are not alone!

The singer with the popular Irish boy band has died while on vacation. Stephen Gately of Boyzone was thirty-three years old. Police were called to a house on the Spanish island of Mallorca Saturday.
Investigators say the cause of death is unknown and there are no signs of violence. Boyzone had six number one singles in Britain in the nineteen nineties, Gately later came out as gay. He and his partner had a civil union in 2006, a move he was more cautious about when he was younger.

“I’m twenty-four, you know, I’m not gonna get married tomorrow or anything like that. But if two people are very very much in love then I don’t see why it should be a problem. Maybe in the future we will, who knows.”

Gately had released solo material and appeared on stage.

“I just feel that Stephen was an amazing talent, and I think it’s appalling that his life has been cut so prematurely short”

The group was also planning a comeback; on its website members of Boyzone said they were completely devastated by Gately’s death.

“They’ve done well around the world, but they’re very much a group of lads from north Dublin. So it’s a huge loss, a huge tragedy – he’s thirty-three years of age, and you know, obviously I extend my sympathies to the Gately family and to all of the lads in

Police say there will likely be an autopsy to find out why Gately died.