Prepositions, Get this Show on the Road (expression)

Prepositions are words that locate something in time and space. They tell us where something is in relation to the things around it. Here are some examples:

“The bird is singing in the tree.”

“She walked through the door at 6:00.”

“I climbed over the wall.”

“We are sitting between our brothers.”

When Gary says, “I’m going to drive it down through South America,” he uses the preposition through to show that he will travel in many countries in South America. When he says, “all the way to Chile,” he uses the preposition to to show the farthest place he will visit.

Other common prepositions include: above, across, around, before, behind, below, by, down, during, for, from, in, inside, into, near, of, onto, off, over, to, under, up, with and without. There are many more!

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