Quelques Expressions

Watch the video and pay attention the use of the following idioms:

I tell you what… (this is what I think)
to get it done (to finish/accomplish a task)
If you like (if that’s what you want – “si tu veux” in French)

Notice also practical use of the present perfect:

Have you finished?

What have you been doing? etc

Here is the transcript:

Jenny, have you finished the reports for the third quarter?

Not quite, I’ve been a bit busy recently.

Busy? What have you been doing? You know that the reporting is really important.

I know, I’m sorry. It’s just that Mr. Jones was here all last week and he kept bothering me with questions. He is the president, after all, I couldn’t just ignore him.

OK, all right. Do you think you can get them done today?

Today? Look, I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.

I tell you what. As soon as you’ve collected all the data, send it to me and I’ll put the reports together for you.

Oh, that’s really nice of you. In fact, the data is nearly ready, so we can work on it together if you like.

OK. How about meeting at two this afternoon, and we’ll get it done together.

Fine. See you later.

Don’t be late!

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english idioms: tell you what, get it done, do your best, if you like


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