Try this Beatles quiz!

Only ten questions – just some trivial information about the Beatles. See how you do!
You might want to read the wiki entry on the Beatles before, or after to get more information.


What was the name of John Lennon's first group?

How old was George Harrison when he joined the Beatles?

Who played drums before Ringo Starr?

In what year did the Beatles release their first single?

What was the name of the Beatles first album?

Which American rock and roll star influenced not only the Beatles, but also the Rolling Stones, both of whom covering his songs?

The song 'Back in the USSR' imitates the sound of which American pop group, the leader of which was a good friend of Lennon and McCartney?

Which song is the only song to be written and sung by McCartney on his own?

Which song was the only 'A' side single written by George Harrison?

In which year did the Beatles split up?