What are they talking about? No.1

Read the following conversation and choose the right word to fill the gap. Notice carefully the verbs that are used – they all collocate strongly with one of the following:

a. letter
b. email
c. computer
d. report

Practice acting out the dialogue.

Zak: Did you check your ________? I sent you something yesterday.
Ruby: No, I only go through it once or twice a day, and I haven’t had time today.
Zak: I know what you mean. I receive so much in a day it’s impossible to read them all, let alone reply to them.
Ruby: Yeah, and I get loads of them that are not for me, just in copy, so I delete without even opening them.

Get a printable version of all six dialogues – go to ‘supports PDF’ in the nav bar above*
correct answer: email


  1. I always said that this lecture helps me a lot ,either for my job and my relationship.But i’m amazed i didn’t receive a course for a long time yet .The last one was on March 3rd,2010.

    Eventhough,words won’t be sufficient to thank you.Your devotion helps many students.
    So,thanks a lot for everything you do.

    I want like you full success in all your undertaking.


  2. Que Dieu te donne la force et la santé our ton entreprise.

    J’apprécie beaucoup ce que tu fais car les cours que tu donnes ne sont pas seulement pour moi, mais aussi pour mes enfants et pour mes amis.

    All the best & God bless you!

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    • Samia,

      Good question! In fact, it is possible, and correct, to say both. The dictionary entries I consulted had both ’email’ and ‘e-mail’ and didn’t express a preference. I think ‘e-mail’ is better, as the letter e is separate – it stands for ‘electronic’. But that’s just my personal view, and certainly not a rule.

  4. je suis très satisfait des cours que je reçois depuis que j’ai rejoins votre site.

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