What are they talking about? No. 6

a. phone call
b. letter
c. report
d. form

Nicky: Have you finished writing your _________ for the boss?
Sergei: Not yet, I made a draft yesterday, but it’s not ready to be submitted.
Nicky: Well, it’s probably not that urgent anyway, once he has read it it will be filed away with thousands of others.

*correct answer: report

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    I have forgotten my password to have access to SUPPORTS PDF.
    Is it possible that I got it back again or to have a new one.

  2. profanglais Post author


    Sorry if they are too easy for you! You already speak good English, so my site may just be a little revision for you – you should be looking for more difficult things to watch and listen to on the net, as constant exposure to the language is the only way to keep progressing.

  3. taralil

    Hi, Jonathan
    Your lessons, as usual, are interesting, clear and easy to understand, those were very easy to do, well, easy for me, but anyway, thanks
    So long!

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