Yesterday, I had my hair cut

Well, I didn’t actually, my hair’s a mess and I need to get it cut.

When we need something doing, but don’t do it ourselves, we have or get it done.

Here are a few examples:

I need to get my computer repaired – Il faut que je fasse réparer mon ordi

Bruce and Sheila had a house built in the country – Bruce et Sheila ont fait construire une maison à la compagne

A note of caution:

If you make someone do something, you are forcing them to do it even if they don’t want to! It’s better to say “I had him do something”

I had the gardener cut the grass – j’ai fait le jardineur couper la pelouse(c’est son métier)

I made him cut the grass – il ne voulait pas! je lui ai forcé!