Expression: odds and ends

odds and ends et bits and pieces sont deux expressions qui veulent dire la même chose:
bric à brac, objets divers, bricoles.

Are there any odds and ends we need to discuss before we finish?
-Il y a t-il des sujets divers à discuter avant de terminer?

I’ve got a few bits and pieces to see to before leaving
J’ai quelques bricoles à faire avant de partir


  1. In the video, it is mentioned “bits and Bobs”: is it the same as “bits and pieces”? I am looking forward to reading from you and I would like to thank you for your very interesting website in general. It’s really helping me improve my English skills.

    • Yes, ‘bits and bobs’ is the same as ‘bits and pieces’ – ‘bob’ is probably a more British version – a ‘thingummybob’ is something we can’t remember the name of!

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