Expressions : Argent

Regardez les expressions. Ont-elles des équivalents en français?

  • Tighten your belt
  • Make ends meet
  • Money down the drain
  • On a shoestring
  • In the red

Feel the pinch

Select the correct idiom to complete the following sentences:

1.When you are unemployed, it’s difficult to ______________________ on such a low income.

2.Public spending is too high. The government will have to ______________________ if it wants to reduce its level of debt.

3.Compared to Hollywood blockbusters, this film was made ______________ , with budget of just 100, 000€.

4.Much of the billions spent on cold remedies each year is simply _____________________ . Doctors should prescribe more than medication for colds and viruses.

5.The company lost over a billion dollars last year, the second year running its figures were ___________________ .

6.When a recession strikes, it’s often small businesses that are first to ________________ .

Je connais ces expressions en français. Si vous avez des suggestions pour ‘feel the pinch’ ou ‘on a shoestring’, merci de m’en faire part.

serrer la ceinture – tighten one’s belt

dans le rouge – in the red

joindre les deux bouts – make ends meet

jeter de l’argent par la fenêtre – money down the drain

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