expressions courantes: Dallas!

Watch this clip from Dallas. In the previous series, Bobby died – but because view ers were not happy for him to leave the show, the screenwriters had to find a way of bringing him back. so they made it all a dream that Pam has one night. This is how she reacts when she ‘wakes up’ to discover it was only a dream. In the transcript below some popular expressions have been removed – can you understand them?

Bobby: good morning!
Pam (1.)_______________ (qu’est-ce qu’il y a ?)

Pam? Honey,(2) ________________ (idem)
(3)__________________ (t’as l’air très effrayée, choquée)

Pam: for a minute I thought I did.

Bobby: What are you talking about?

Pam: You. Oh Bobby it was awful.When I woke up I thought that you were

Bobby: What?!

Pam: I (4) ______________________ (j’ai fait un cauchemar, une terrible cauchemar).
I dreamed that you were here and that you were leaving and Catherine was in her car and she was waiting and when we started to leave she tried (5)______________
(m’écraser avec sa voiture)
but you pushed me out of the way and she hit you and she crashed
into a truck and she was killed and then we took you to the hospital
and you died

Bobby: hey… Pam I’m right here and I’m fine.

Pam: There was so much more, bobby it seemed so real
and there was Sue Ellen and there was Mark and I was married

Bobby: Hey you are going to be married to me – just as soon as we can

Pam: I was so frightened oh I love you so much

Bobby: Honey, it’s over. None of that happened. We’re together and I love you
and (6)_________________________ (je suis en train de te mouiller).

Bobby (7)__________________ (ne me quittes jamais)

Pam: I won’t – I love you

1. What’s the matter?
2. ” ” ”
3. You look like you just saw a ghost (il me semble que tu viens de voir un phantome)
(in British English we would say ‘you’ve just seen a ghost’ – present perfect)
4. I had a nightmare, a terrible nightmare.
5. to run me down.
6. I’m getting you all wet.
7. Don’t ever leave me.


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