Expressions with ‘heart’

Trop de choses ici à apprendre au même temps: selectionner une ou deux expressions et apprenez-les par coeur (learn them by heart!)

to have no heart
to be heartless
to have your heart in the right place
to know it/learn it by heart
to have your best interests at heart
Your heart can melt
To break someone’s heart / to be broken-hearted
My heart is aching : to have heartache
Your heart sinks
to win a special place in your heart
to capture your heart
to have a heart-to-heart
to pour your heart out
to be a lonely heart
a man after my own heart
close to my heart
out of the goodness of my heart
to have a heart of gold
from the bottom of my heart
to strike terror into your heart
my heart was in my mouth
to have a heavy heart
to set your heart on something
to be sick at heart
my heart’s not in it
my heart goes out to those people