Quick tip: Forget grammar and…

What is lexis? Lexis is the complete stock of vocabulary and expressions that people use to communicate. Most of my learners have problems understanding the present perfect, and I find it hard to explain! That’s because as a native speaker I never had to learn the grammatical rules but instead I learned phrases that would be appropriate. Learners should do the same, and study grammar later. For example, you don’t understand the present perfect but there is no reason why you can’t learn by heart sentences like:
“I’ve lived here for 2 years” (je vis ici depuis 2 ans)
“How long have you known John?” (ça fait combien de temps que tu connais John?)
“There’s no need, I’ve already done it” (pas besoin, je l’ai déjà fait)
“She’s been talking for two hours” (ça fait 2 heures qu’elle parle)