Watch BBC flatmates : episode 6

What reward will he get?

to seem : sembler
spoiled : gaté(e)
good-looking : beau/belle


  1. what’s the configuration is required ?? I don’t hear what is said because phrases arestopped by silents Do you suggest “YOUTUBE”? thanks for your answer

    • Josette,

      There is sound on all the flatmates videos. Please check your audio settings on your computer, and the volume levels both on your computer and on the youtube player.
      Another thing, sometimes, (it happens to me, too) the video is very slow to download. It will pause while more data is being downloaded. This is very irritating, but happens frequently when many people are online at the same time. The red bar at the bottom of the video shows you how much of the video has been downloaded. If it seems to be moving very slowly, pause the video, open a new tab in browser, and do something else while you wait for it to be finished. When the red bar goes all the way along the bottom of the video, you will be able to watch it without interruption.

      Good luck.

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