BBC Flatmates: episode 1

Notez ces deux questions:

What does he look like? (il est comment – physiquement)

What is he like? (il est comment – sa personalité)

shaved : tondu / rasé
well built: bien bati
handsome: beau (plutôt pour un homme, on dit ‘beautiful’ pour une fille)
shy : timide

He’s crying: il pleure

what’s wrong? qu’est-ce qui ne va pas?


    • KoO?
      attention! ‘to fart’ en anglais veut dire ‘péter’, mais pas dans le sens de ‘exploser’!!

  1. Thanks you Mr Jonathan for this video. I am sure; it will permitt me to improve my english knowledge. God bless you!

  2. Hello Mr Jonathan,

    Thank you very much.

    – He’s tall and well built. He’s got brown eyes and a shaved head .

    – He’s quite shy.

  3. ok the video is nice but they speak quickly for example i did not undertand how to pronounce he is shy! thanks for that video sequence!

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