BBC Flatmates: episode 35

Tim is offered an opportunity at work.

Dear Mr Hunter,

Vacancy Reference: assistant manager
Further to your application for the above position of assistant I am pleased to able to invite you to attend an interview. Please report the HR office on Tuesday 11th of March at 11am. A job specification is enclosed. If you have any access needs in order to complete your job or be able to attend the interview, please let me know. Finally, it would be most helpful if you could confirm whether or not you will be able to attend.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Smith
Recruitment advisor


  1. je suis tres contetnt de vous avoir comme mon professeur d’anglais,ce qui me pose problème est que je n’ai pas la langue legère surtout que je suis dans un pays purement francofone pour ce là je vous pris de m’avoir des correspondents anglofones.

  2. hello jonathan how are u ? is good lesson to learn how to do if you looking for job
    thank you

  3. Salut Nicole. je parle français, j’ai en vue de parler aussi l’anglais. que faire? je te remercie d’avance pour les conseilles. je m’appelle Immaculée.

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