Flatmates episode 75


  1. JE n’arrive pas a bien comprendre leur accents comment faire.
    i ‘am very happy to you JON OTHAN LEWIS

  2. Hello, Jonathan!

    In my opinion, the method is the most . interesting to me learn something… I am so sorry, If I write something wrong .

    I never study English but now .., ..I can understand…..,I look for the words and learn a little bit every days….thank you ….

  3. in my opinon, I think that, Alice believes Paul. Because she believes his story. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOUR THIS LESSON. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME

  4. I think she hoped a phone from Paul, to have an explanation about their situation. She is very angry after him when he phoned, but after all the questions and answers, the situation is more clear for her now. she must think , and make confidence in her love.
    good luke Alice

  5. I think that she does believe him because she wanted so.If not was the case,she wouldn’t have gave him a chance to talk to her.obviously,she loves him and not willing to give up her love.
    Really a difficult situation.Alice make sure he’s sincere with you.If he really didn’t love his wife any longer,he would have quitted her.
    Anyway good luck Alice!

  6. hello sir;
    dear lewis

    thanks a lot for your help and for all things you do for me.
    best regards.

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