Unit 15: a/some (articles and quantities)

1. Lisez les explications dans votre livre de grammaire, Free English Grammar

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2. Présentation:

Nouns can be either countable or uncountable. We cannot make plurals with uncountable nouns. We use ‘some’ before plurals and uncountable nouns.

Chairs, tables, sofas

Euros, dollars, pounds

Jobs, professions

Clouds, temperatures, winds

Loaves, baguettes

Articles, reports, stories








An apple, an orange, a banana, a pear= Some fruit

A dollar

Some money

Siobhan has some money Yann doesn’t have any money

We usually use some in positive sentences, and any in negative sentences and questions.

John: I have some friends in Chicago

Ian: Really, do you have any friends in Chicago, Sean?

Sean: I haven’t got any friends, anywhere.

It is different when we offer something:

  • Would you like some tea?

Faites les exercices

1. Some/Any/No

2. Some/Any

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