Unit 23: What/when/where (questions 1)


People who?

Who switched off the television? – I did, the film was boring.

Who did you see at the party? – I saw lots of interesting people.

Who are going with? – I’m going with Johan.

Things what?

What’s that? – It’s my new computer.

What are you doing tonight? – I’m playing tennis.

What did you do last night? – I played tennis.

Places where?

Where did you go on holiday? – We went to St.Jean de Luz.

Where is Iain? – He’s at home in bed.

Time when?

When did you last go on holiday? – In 1999.

When is your birthday? – On the eleventh of June

Reason why?

Why did you do that? – Because it was fun.

Why do you like American films? Because they have a lot of action.

Why is London so expensive? Because everyone wants to live there.

Way, Manner of doing something How?

How do you turn on this computer? – There’s a red button, press it.

How can I get to Manchester from here? – Take a train from Kings Cross Station

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