Unit 3 – I like, do, go – The Present Simple

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he Present Simple:




I like

You like

He likes

She likes

We like

They like

I don’t like

You don’t like

He doesn’t like

She doesn’t like

We don’t like

They don’t like

Do I like?

Do you like?

Does he like?

Does she like?

Do we like?

Do they like?

The present simple is used for things in general, and things that happen sometimes or always:

  • The sun rises in the east

  • I work from nine till five

  • I like chocolate

  • I go to the cinema on Saturdays

To indicate frequency, we use these adverbs:

always usually often sometimes rarely never

100% 0%


  • I always go shopping on Fridays

  • I usually have coffee with my breakfast, but sometimes I have tea

  • I never watch American movies

  • I often buy a newspaper on my way to work

Present simple spelling

Note the following spelling changes:

I watch she watches

I kiss he kisses

I wash she washes

I go he goes

I judges he judges

I study she studies

I try he tries

I do she does

Present simple questions

We use the verb ‘do’ as an auxiliary when we ask questions:

  • Do you read a lot?

  • Does she like her job?

  • Do you always arrive early?

  • What do you usually do in your free time?

  • Do they live here?


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