bête comme tes pieds…

As stubborn as a mule : têtu comme un mule

Les anglophones adorent ces expressions. Choisissez un mot qui complète les phrases suivantes:

nails, silk, gold, a bat, a dodo, a post, a parrot, houses,
a brick, a peacock, a flash, a mouse,

1. (sage) As good as…
2. (dur) As hard as…
3. (stupide)As thick as…
4. (aveugle) As blind as…
5. (sourd) As deaf as…
6. (malade, déçu) As sick as…
7. (fier) As proud as…
8. (lisse) As smooth as
9. (sûr) As safe as…
10 (rapide) As quick as …
11. As quiet as…
12. As dead as…


1. (sage) As good as…gold (or)
2. (dur) As hard as… nails (clous)
3. (stupide)As thick as… a brick (une brique)
4. (aveugle) As blind as… a bat (une chauve-souris)
5. (sourd) As deaf as… a post (un poteau)
6. (malade, déçu) As sick as… a parrot (un perroquet)
7. (fier) As proud as… a peakcock (paon)
8. (lisse) As smooth as… silk (soie)
9. (sûr) As safe as… houses (maisons)
10 (rapide) As quick as … a flash (un éclair)
11. As quiet as… a mouse (souris)
12. As dead as… a dodo (dodo = oiseau disparu au 18eme siècle )

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