Conditional 2: What would you do if…?

Conditional 2:

En français on emploie le conditionnel:
je ferais
tu ferais
il ferait
Vous feriez
Nous ferions

Et l’imparfait avec ‘si’
Si j’étais toi, je demanderais son avis.

In English, the formula is:

If + past + would + infinitive
If I were you, I would ask her opinion.

Si j’étais président, je donnerais plus d’argent aux pauvres.

If I were president, I would give more money to the poor.

In the video, the question is, “what would you do if you won a million dollars?”
(que feriez-vous si vous gagniez un million de dollars?)

Test your understanding:

If I _______ you I would go home now.

If you _________ to the supermarket, ________ buy some bread?

What would you do if he _________ you to marry him?

What ______ you do if he asks you to marry him?

I ________ do it if I were you.

If he ________ that again, I'll scream!

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  1. thank’s for this revision , it helps me a lot.Really i don’t know how to express my recognition ,it’s very kind of you to do this for helping us, good luck mr

    • ‘would’ is conditional, never a future. ‘Will’ is both future and conditional, when used with ‘if’. We use if + will to talk about a probable condition, not an unlikely or hypothetical one. Does that answer your question?

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