Conjonctions de Coordination

Coordinating Conjunctions

Ce sont des mots qu’on utilise pour faire des connections.Voici quelques exemples:

and – et
but – mais
nor – ni
so – donc
then – puis
yet – pourtant

Lisez ces exemples:

Jerry has a PC and a laptop computer.
I tried to enter but it wasn’t possible.
Liverpool should have won easily, yet they were beaten 3-0.
John didn’t go, nor did Peter.
My car wouldn’t start, so I took the bus.
Sheila tripped over the cat, then she fell out the window.

Now chose the right coordination conjunction to complete the sentences:

1.I thought it was going to be easy, _________ in the end it was quite difficult.
2.The child had practised for weeks, ________ during the exam she made a lot of mistakes.
3.I’m having a bad day: I got up late _______ now I’ve lost my keys.
4.First she told me she was leaving me, ________ she said she was going to live with my best friend.
5.The stock market crashed, ________ I lost all my money.
6.The manager couldn’t explain, ______ could his assistant.

Pour mieux comprendre des conjonctions de coordination en français, merci de consulter le site de Wikipedia

Answers: 1: but 2: yet 3: and 4: then 5: so 6: nor

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