Grammar exercise: to be

Infinitive: to be

Present simple:
I am (je suis) I’m
You are (tu es/vous êtes) You’re
He is (il est) He’s
She is (elle est) She’s
It is (c’est) It’s
One is (on est) One’s
We are (nous sommes) we’re
They are (ils/elles sont) they’re

I’m not / am I?
You’re not/ are you?
He’s not / is he?
We’re not / are we?


Fill the gap with the correct form of B:

1. It _____ a red t-shirt.
2. I ______ English.
3. You ______ not alone.
4. Kevin ______ 20 years old.
5. My brothers ______ older than me.
6. My colleague and I ______ late for work.
7. I ______ cold, put the heating on.

2. am
3. are
4. is
5. are
6. are
7. am

Exercise 2: use the comment box to answer these questions:
example: (name?) : My name is Jonathan
(from?) I’m from Birmingham, England

1. (name?)
2. (from?)
3. (age?)
4. (job?)
5. (married or single?)


  1. my fisrt name is Papa DEMBA and my last name is dieye
    I a m from to senegal in west africa
    I m 26 old yaers
    I m s student
    i am single

  2. I’ m Mayoukou Roselyne Emma,
    I’m secretare (secretary)
    my age 27 years old (I’m 27 years old)
    I come from Congo Brazzaville
    I ‘m a single
    I have one child
    I would like to learnEnglish because it is the language spoken in business
    I stop there

  3. Mr LEWIS,

    Your website looks very amazing! It was a very good idea, to create this Webpage for users with difficults in English language.

    Votre site web est super sympa!

    Merci encore pour toutes les aides en grammaire!

    With kindly regards,

    Meilleures salutations,


  4. My name is Murielle,
    I am from Centrafrican
    I am thristeen years old
    I am designer jewellers
    I am married

  5. 1. (name?) My name is Stephany
    2. (from?) I’m from Congo (Kinshasa)
    3. (age?) I’m 27 years old
    4. (job?) I’m an employee in the telecommunication’s company
    5. (married or single?) I’m single

    Thanks Jonathan.

  6. Hello,
    I’m Rachid, I’m Tewenty Seven years old, I’m an accounting, I’m frome Morocco, and I’m single.

  7. My name is Michelle
    I’m swasaten (60)
    I’m retired person (retraitée)
    I’m ~ he’s asking for a divorce

  8. Hello everybody,

    My name is Philippe, i leave in France in south ouest. I’m 44, i work in logistic support around the world. I’m married.


    • Philippe,


      west is pronounced almost the same as ‘ouest’ in French, but your language doesn’t have many words with ‘w’ so you use ‘ou’ to make the same sound.
      I live in the south-west of France, too! I just moved here from Provence – I like it better here because it’s so green, like England!

  9. Hello, my name’s Josette. I come from France, but at the moment I live in Ua Pou : it’s an island in the Pacific Ocean ( Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia). I’m 52 . I was a Maths teacher, but now I’m retired. My husband is a Maths teacher too, and he works in a school here in Ua Pou.

  10. I am baya from Algeria .I am ateacher of English in a secondary school.Iwould like to thnnk you very much for your help.Your lessons helped a lot in my preparations.Thanks again.

  11. my name is josette; I’m from annecy,the selected 2018 winter olympic games french town,
    I’m a 71 retired grand mother of two ;I’m neither single nor married;is there divorce in great britain,?
    I’m joking of cause!so, I’m divorced (twice) and so happy!!

  12. My name is kembo, i’m from Douala- Cameroun, my age is 52 years old. i’m married, i haven’t work.

  13. Bonjour cher Prof

    je n’arrive pas à faire les devoirs que tu me donne.

    tout en espérant que vous allez me donner ce qui est moins difficilles

  14. My name is Angelo Jean Baptiste, I’from: Haiti, i have 26 years old, i’m not marry yet, my job is indefinite.

  15. my name is yvy i’m from cameroun ,i’m22year old i’m employed in touristique agency i’m not married

  16. it is a red tee-shirt
    i am inglisyou are not alone
    kevin is 20 years old
    my brothers is older than me
    my colleague and i am lat for work
    i am cold, put the heating on

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